Welcome to New Energy

New Energy for Trade and Industry was established in 2019 and was previously under the name EV Motors from 2017 and was working on the import and sale of electric cars. Then came the establishment of New Energy with its main branch in Cairo to include a car showroom and an after-sales service center that includes general maintenance, inspection, replacement and renewal of batteries and electrical components for electric vehicles in general.
New Energy works in the field of clean energy with regard to electric vehicles of all kinds. The company tests products through its representatives in the countries of origin of electric vehicles. It also manufactures and assembles chargers for electric vehicles. New Energy has its own service center to provide after-sales service for electric vehicles and provide maintenance and repair service

New Energy is now working on assembling small and medium-sized electric vehicles, to be one of the first companies established to produce electric cars suitable for the Egyptian consumer and on the basis of quality, reputation and customer confidence.
The company has two main branches in Cairo and South Sinai and is expanding in the Delta and Upper Egypt, and the company welcomes support and cooperation to spread the idea of acquiring an electric vehicle and using clean energy.

4 years of experience


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    Our mission

    Providing customers with an easy, convenient and effective purchasing experience while providing the best options to increase the rate of car purchase.

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    Our values

    Integrity: We respect everyone. We always assume good intentions and act with ethics. Understanding: The confidence of our customers makes us committed to understanding their requirements and providing the best options that suit their needs Responsibility: We are responsible for our actions and always honor our promises. Achievements: We love success and always strive to achieve the required goals. Facilitation: We always strive to simplify procedures and we deal with individuals clearly and frankly.

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    Our Goal

    In recent years, customer service has proven to guarantee buyer happiness, as it advises customers what exactly they buy, making sure that they make the final decision, resulting in their long-term satisfaction. Satisfied car owners will always recommend our name to everyone who knows them, telling the story of how Noureddine Sharif had a vision for the car that suits them best.