ID.4 X Information TablePurePure +Pro1st EditionPrime
Pure long battery lifeSmart and long battery versionSports four-wheel drive
Original Price685000745000795000900000980000
after discount670000735000780000880000960000
Long X width x height (mm)4612 x 1852 x 1640
Wheel Base (mm):2765
Luggage tank capacity (L)484~1546
Preparation quality (kg)196021202250
Power battery typeTernary lithium ion power battery
Power battery capacity (KWH)57.383.4
Fast charging 0 ~ 80% power time (min) (1)About 40
Standard charging 0 ~ 100% electricity time (H) (2)About 8.5About 12.5
Drive modeRearFour-wheel drive
Drive motor typePost: Permanent magnet synchronous motorBefore: AC asynchronous motor
Drive motor peak power (kW)12515080/ 150
Drive motor peak torque (NM)310460
Transmission typeSingle speed ratio of two-stage reducer
NEDC comprehensive working condition power consumption (kWh / 100km) (3)
NEDC Comprehensive Work During Running Mileage (KM) (4)402 (5)555520 (5)
0 ~ 50km / h acceleration time (s)
Maximum speed (km / h)160
steering systemElectric power steering system
Suspension SystemFront suspension: McFesson independent suspension / rear suspension: five-link independent suspension
Dynamic plating face (glowing logo and grille light)lllll
Iq. Light light matrix headlight (with day line light, all-weather light, dynamic headlights stepping, dynamic remote adjustment)lllll
The front and rear lights welcome to wake uplllll
The front and rear lights are hibernated
Through the LED taillight (luminescent logo and through the connection)ll---
Through the LED Lighting Light (Luminescent LOGO and Diping)--lll
Suspension full blacklllll
Full Vision Glass Benn (with electric sunshade)lllll
Open panoramic sunroof (with electric sunshade)--¡-¡
2021.02(KW08, tbd)2021.02(KW08, tbd)
19-inch two-color cutting wheell----
20-inch two-color fluid wheel hub-lll-
21 inch two-color rotating wheel----l
Welcome to the ground light (with the words "ID.4")----l
Mute silver fitting roof luggage racklllll
Car side matte chrome--lll
Pure Lordl----
Pure + Lord-l---
PRO side standard--l--
First-see version exclusive styling element---l-
PRIME side mark----l
Full black PVC seatll---
Ultrafine fiber sued chair--lll
Front row, the second drive seat 10 to electric adjustment (seat 6 direction + electric waist tray 4 direction)ll---
Front row main drive 12 to electric adjustable (seat 8 direction + pneumatic waist tray 4 direction)--lll
Front row-drive seat 10 to electric adjustment (seat 6 direction + pneumatic waist tray 4 direction)--lll
Main driving seat memory--lll
The main seat is comfortable to enter the welcome function--lll
Front chair pneumatic massage--lll
Front seat heating functionlllll
Front Central Handrail (with "ID." Touchword)lllll
Rear row center armrest--lll
Rear seat 4/6 can be dividedlllll
Welcome metal gate trimlllll
Metal rhythm pedal (with ▷ ‖ icon)lllll
Automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror--lll
Three-layer atmosphere light (white)ll---
Mood colorful atmosphere (30 colors, three-level custom combination)--l(30 color)l(30 color)l(30 color)
Multi-function touch steering wheel (with vibration feedback)ll---
Leather multi-function touch steering wheel (with vibration feedback, steering wheel heating)--l((leather))l((leather))l((leather))
Steering wheel length, height adjustablelllll
Automatic sensing wiperlllll
External rearview mirror electric adjustment, with heating functionlllll
External rear view mirror electric folding, lock car automatic folding, covaround side reversing automatic down, with memory function----l
Micro-tight hidden door handlelllll
Enhance realistic lookout display--¡¡l
Electric tail door with virtual pedal (foot induction opening and closing)¡¡lll
ID. Light Voiceslllll
(Multi-color flow light prompt: uplock and unlock; welcome and sleep; charging progress; voice operation; call; navigation; driving power decreases; brake requirements of front ranging monitoring system) "lllll
5.3 '' Digital Combination Instrumentlllll
12 "Suspension central control big screenlllll
Smart Car Level 4.0 (Support Wisdom Charging, Intelligent Voice, Wisdom Navigation, Zhixiang Entertainment, Zhilian Cheric, Smart Home, Zhaoyuan Travel)lllll
Mirror Link--lll
Mobile phone wireless charging functionlllll
Luggage 12V power supplylllll
Front row dual usb interface--lll
Rear double USB interfacellll-
sound system----l
Harman / Kardon Harman Carton Audio System (10 sounds, including 1 middle sound, 1 bass audio)llll-
IQ. Drive L2 + -A automatic driving assistance (including traffic congestion assist system, steering wheel off hand detection), ACC adaptive cruise system (with STOP & GO automatic with car start)--¡-l
2021.04 (KW15)
Front Assist front auxiliary system (with automatic brake)lllll
Lane Assist lane maintain system--lll
Side Assist Change Aid--lll
RCTA latter traffic walking reminder--lll
Traffic logo identificationlllll
Advanced keyless entry and start systemlllll
4 kinds of driving modellll-
5 kinds of driving mode----l
Automatic air conditioning system (with PM2.5 purification and digital display)l(including PM2.5 digital display)l(including PM2.5 digital display)l(including PM2.5 digital display)l(including PM2.5 digital display)l(including PM2.5 digital display)
The rear row center channel tail outletlllll
Zhixiang Winter Suite-¡¡-¡
2021.04 (KW15)2021.04 (KW15)2021.04 (KW15)
1) CO2 ultra low energy recupply pump air conditioning system
2) Front wind window transparent coating heating