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Peugeot e 2008

All-inclusive price including 2-3 year warranty, repairs, spare parts and 24/h emergency service

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    Model: e 2008-2022, Produced by Peugeot

    Conforms to European Standards

    Body Style: SUV

    L&W&H (mm): 4312*1785*1545

    Wheel Base (mm): 2612

    Luggage capacity (L): 345

    Tire specifications: 215 /60 R17-R18

    Motor power (kW/rpm): 120/14565

    Maximum torque (N·M) : 260

    Battery Type: High performance power Ternarry lithium battery

    Battery Capacity (KWH): 45.24

    Cruising range (km) (comprehensive working conditions): 360

    Acceleration performance (0-50km / h) (s): 3.9

    Maximum speed (km / h): 150

    Support Slow charging: 8 hours Fast charge: 0.5 hours (30-80%)

    Support Fast charging

    Brake system (before / after): Ventilation disc / disc

    Suspension system (before / after): McPherson suspension /

    rear suspension: Deformable beam type semi-independent suspension


    10-inch floating touch screenThe high-position suspension design and flat high-definition display can realize multi-point gesture touch, fast touch-screen buttons and free voice command three-dimensional interaction, so that the driver's heart and hands are one, and the charm of technology can be enjoyed


    Triple Crown Gene Chassis Tuninge2008 inherits the champion genes of the three major events of the Peugeot brand (WRC World Rally Championship, WTCC World Touring Car Championship, Dakar Rally). The CLDR professional chassis team has completed multiple rounds of chassis tuning in Europe and China, and master-level tuning technology , Continuously upgrade the driving pleasure


    High-performance electric drive systemThe high-speed, high-energy-density electric drive system can reach a peak torque of 260N.m during the start-up phase. It only takes 3.5 seconds to accelerate from 0-50km/h, and the peak speed can reach 150km/h during the driving phase. Excellent performance, continuous and rapid attack


    High-density ternary lithium batteryThe Ningde era high-density ternary lithium battery is selected. The 400V high-voltage battery pack can have an extremely high energy density of 141.6Wh/kg, and the battery system can support an ultra-long cruising range of up to 360km (depending on the specific model) to maintain high-energy performance at all times


    Multiple driving mode optionsFreely switch between standard, energy-saving, and sports three driving modes, move with your heart, and experience different driving pleasures


    Multi-mode charging optionsProvides three charging modes: convenient cable charging, household charging box charging and public DC fast charging charging, which can achieve about 80% charging in 30 minutes, high-efficiency charging performance, and always comfortable with full power


    Blue-i 4G intelligent interconnection systemEquipped with Blue-i 4G intelligent interconnection system, it supports 4G high-speed network, which can not only accurately online navigation, real-time online entertainment, but also realize car-machine interconnection, intelligent voice recognition, and know what you need anytime, anywhere


    ADAS Intelligent Security SystemThrough the multiple sensor units and cameras of the vehicle body, the driving environment data is collected, analyzed and processed in real time during the driving process, and a variety of driving assistance functions are provided. Travel experience


    Deep Space Class MuteMore than 100 acoustic measures and innovative technology applications, a total of 65 high-quality sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials are used, and multiple noise reduction measures are used to comprehensively reduce various noises, always sitting in a quiet space like outer space


    High-strength space capsule bodyThe body uses a large number of ultra-high-strength hot-formed steel plates. Together with the roof, ABC pillars, body and bottom reinforcement beams, three indestructible closed reinforcement rings are constructed, which are like unbreakable space capsules. At critical moments, the safety of drivers and passengers is guaranteed to the greatest extent


    CMP multi-energy modular platformThe integration of forward-looking technology is bound to be different. The original multi-energy modular platform is being developed by the European system. Fuel and pure electric dual power are developed on the same platform and produced on the same line. The same excellent quality and driving space allow you to share extraordinary driving pleasure


    Clean Cabin Air Purification SystemEquipped with the Clean Cabin air purification system, through the AQS air quality improvement system, the PM2.5 value is detected, the internal and external circulation is automatically adjusted, and the air in the car is purified. Regardless of the air outside the car, the inside of the car is always fresh

    • Year 2022
    • Make peugeot
    • Model e2008
    • Body Style SUV
    • Condition Certified
    • Transmission Electric
    • Drivetrain FWD
    • Fuel Type Fully Electric
    • Version 2 Versions
    • L&W&H 4312*1785*1545 mm
    • Motor 120 kw
    • Max Speed 150 km/h
    • Battary Kind High performance power Ternarry lithium battery
    • NEDC 420 km