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Audi e-tron

All-inclusive price including 2-3 year warranty, repairs, spare parts and 24/h emergency service. Payment in Egyptian pounds available..

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  • عامcdYear 2023
  • يصنع Audi
  • نموذج e-tron
  • نمط الجسم SUV
  • Version 3 Versions
  • L&W&H 4901X1935X1640 mm
  • Motor 230 kw
  • Max Speed 187 km
  • Battary Kind High performance power Ternarry lithium battery
  • NEDC 500
  •  نظرة عامة على السيارة
  •  معلومات عامة
Length X width X height (full load) [4901X1935X1640mm]
Wheelbase [2928mm]
Front luggage compartment volume [60L]
Rear luggage compartment volume [600/1500L]
Curb weight [2625Kg]
Maximum allowable total weight [3120Kg]
Minimum turning diameter [163m]
Maximum ground clearance after air suspension adjustment (213mm)
Drive way: Electric four-wheel drive
Transmission type: Single speed gearbox
Suspension and steering system
Front suspension type: Five-link independent suspension
Rear suspension type: Multi-link independent suspension
Braking System: Hydraulic brake, electric power assist, ESP system with ABS function, front and rear disc brakes
steering system: Audi progressive steering system
Power Battery
Battery Type: Ternary lithium battery
Battery capacity [96.7kWh]
Energy density of power battery system [142W·h/kg]
DC fast charge time 5%-80% [40min]
Audi exclusive 7kW rechargeable wall box charging time 5%-80%[9.5h]
Audi exclusive 11kW rechargeable wall box charging time 5%-80%[6.1h]
Performance/energy consumption
Acceleration time [3.4s]0-50km/h
Acceleration time [2.1s]50-80km/h
Maximum speed [187km/h]
Power consumption per hundred kilometers under working conditions (19.4kW·h/100km)
NEDC comprehensive working conditions cruising range (500km)
Motor type: AC asynchronous motor
Maximum output power (230kW/rpm)
Maximum output power (540/13500kW/13500rpm)
Basic equipment
ISOFIX child seat fixture
Alarm without seat belt
Warning triangle
vehicle tools
Folding spare tire
Front ashtray and cigarette lighter
Convex rearview mirror with large field of view on the right
Left double curvature exterior rearview mirror
Storage bags and luggage bags
Insulated front windshield glass
Side insulation glass
Front center armrest
Retractable driver and front passenger side sun visor
Premium fabric roof
Original foot pads front and rear
Manual luggage hatch
Luggage compartment carpet
Matrix LED headlights
Through LED tail light with dynamic turn signal
Independent daytime running lights
Ambient lights in the car
Full-size airbag
Front side airbag with air curtain
Image and distance sensor
Tire pressure monitoring
Anti-theft alarm system
Anti-theft wheel bolts
Electric panoramic glass sunroof
Automatic opening and closing of the luggage compartment lid
Sline silver aluminum bag
Aluminum roof rack rails
S line appearance package
255/55 R19-inch 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheels
Leather upholstery bag
Brushed aluminum trim
Luminous threshold
Electric adjustable front seat
Electric lumbar support for front seats
Comfortable front seat headrest
Leather and Hoxton combination seat fabric
Three-spoke multifunctional leather steering wheel
Steering wheel height and angle adjustment
Zone 2 automatic air conditioning
Activated carbon filter
Intelligent online air conditioning preparation system
MMI Advanced Navigation System
Highlight black control buttons with touch feedback
Smart interconnection
Emergency call and roadside assistance services
Audi virtual cockpit
Audi audio system
Bluetooth interface
Audi smartphone interface
Audi music interface
Adaptive air suspension
Progressive steering system
Outside rearview mirror electric adjustment, heating, electric folding, automatic anti-glare
Automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror
Front and rear reversing radar with simulated images
Reversing camera system
Audi Integral Pre-Safety System Basic Edition
Audi Integral Preventive Safety System City Edition
Cruise control and speed limit device
e sound waves
Welcome light with e-tron logo
e-tron exclusive orange brake caliper
Charging reservation system
7KW/11KW Audi brand charging wall box and basic installation service, and the installation permission is permanently reserved

Audi e-tron luxury C-class pure electric SUV
century-old gene e creates the future

When the future is here, the best way to meet it is to gallop forward with a new force. Carry out all-round safety, luxury quality and leading driving control experience. After numerous rigorous tests, while giving it an electric pioneer, it also opened a new era of car-making standards.
Now, join Audi e-tron to welcome your future.


Pure electricity creates a luxurious gas field at a glance

The charged temperament makes you the focus when you come out. Audi e-tron adopts the brand new design language of eye-catching SUV and BEV. All these ingenuity designs, while satisfying all the features of luxury SUVs, blend into the future design language and perfectly interpret your unique personality.


Pure temperament from the local knowledge to the general

There is a kind of fascination, I want to get to know him when I see the elegant back.
Audi e-tron, the dynamic shape of the rear with the new LED through-type taillights, while extending the vision, it also creates a unique avant-garde style.
The portable operation of the electric tailgate prepares you for each journey.
Audi e-tron will start the future with you from start to finish.


The prerequisite for a pure electric SUV to ride freely is to never worry about electricity

On the way to the future of Electric Chi, we have filtered out all the anxiety for you. The Audi e-tron NEDC has a comprehensive cruising range of up to 500 kilometers, which fully meets your daily needs. Under the energy recovery system, the motor energy recovery level can be set to recover the coasting energy and braking energy into the high-voltage battery. Let you enjoy the galloping experience brought by pure electricity without any worries on every journey.


Charge faster

Audi e-tron can provide 11KW (with 380V voltage) or 7kW (with 220V voltage) household charging equipment. It has passed rigorous 45 car-level functional tests and more than 200 material tests. It is safe, environmentally friendly and convenient. Efficient, DC fast charge is about 40 minutes from 5% to 80%.


Waste time on a good life

When the future is here, the best way to meet it is to gallop forward with a new force. Audi e-tron allows you to spend more time in your life, drink a cup of coffee, and prepare for your next journey.


The reason why you look to the future is because the future is in hand

Audi Smart Technology understands what you need. The 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit, combined with the MMI smart touch dual screen with touch feedback, allows you to easily control the infotainment system and many driving assistance functions. The matching 3D panoramic image also provides more comprehensive and safe guidance for your parking.


Electric new life
, I have all you care about

The Connect navigation system and infotainment system of the Audi e-tron can obtain the information you need in real time and open a richer driving experience.


You can sit comfortably outside of your comfort zone

The interior of Audi e-tron adopts sophisticated processing technology and high-quality materials, and the materials with excellent hand feel are everywhere. With 7 optional ambient light styles, custom 30-color interior ambient light, 10-level brightness adjustment, and 16-speaker Bang&Olufsen 3D sound system, it is enough to match your subtle mood changes and enjoy life. At this moment, the future is perfectly blended with luxury.


Every journey

The moment you hold the steering wheel, all the cockpit displays surround you. The Bang&Olufsen 3D sound system equipped with 16 speakers is enough to match your nuanced mood changes and enjoy life.


Enlarge the imagination of the future

The future is always full of imagination, and all these designs are just to hold more imagination. With a length of over 4.9 meters and a width of over 1.9 meters, the luggage compartment can be easily expanded to 1500L. Lie on the fully foldable rear seats, look up at the sky through the panoramic sliding sunroof, and release all the imagination for the future.


Drive freedom to reach the distance in your heart

Not only changes, but also a comprehensive evolution of driving control technology. Audi e-tron is equipped with e-quattro's new electric four-wheel drive system, which brings better stability and maneuverability. In addition, the system can also predictably and reasonably distribute the torque of the front and rear wheels according to the weather and road conditions, making the driving interaction between you and the Audi e-tron more intimate. Even if you face an unknown future, you can move forward fearlessly until you reach the distance in your heart.


Safety with you every step towards the future

Audi e-tron is equipped with driving assistance functions such as intersection assistance system, rear lateral traffic assistance system, avoidance assistance system, panoramic image system, lane departure warning and exit warning, etc., to ensure your driving safety at all times and let you drive easily and freely.